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Mini open cups recommended for every mealtime by dentists and orthodontists. Health experts say Babycup First Cups are better for teeth and oral development. Encourage sipping, and the right size for little hands and mouths. A mealtime essential to help prevent tooth decay and poor jaw development associated with sucking. No spouts, seals or no-spill valves. Easy to clean. BPA-free. Made in Britain. Dishwasher and steriliser safe. Babycup First Cups truly are Little cups for little people. Applauded by health experts as perfect for weaning and essential items that should be on every highchair. Using an open cup encourages your baby or young child to learn to sip rather than suck, which is better for their teeth. Oral health is important even pre-teeth and sipping is a healthy habit for life. The small size of Babycup means more control, easier to use, and helpful for fine motor skills. No lid, no spout, no seals. Proper open cup for good oral health, Babycup is the best kind of training cup as it helps develop healthy habits for life. Easy to clean as germs can’t hide. Dishwasher and steriliser safe. Babycup is also suitable for cup-feeding infants, for instance in the cases of feeding challenges such as latch difficulties, bottle refusal, cleft or tongue tie. (Please discuss with your healthcare professional). Made in Britain and multi award-winning. High quality, beautifully designed. Perfect for baby led weaning and all types of weaning. Pack of four mini open weaning cups. The healthy sippy cup. For weaning/drinking/solid feeding from 4 months plus. Also for cup-feeding infants.
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