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Say Hello to a Flu-Free Winter with LloydsPharmacy


The flu is a threat to winter wellness every year. Levels of influenza activity have increased since the beginning of 2019 as the virus continues to actively circulate in the community. LloydsPharmacy is urging people to get vaccinated.


According to the Health Protection Surveillance Centre, there were 151 confirmed cases of people being hospitalised due to flu in the first week of 2019, bringing the season total to 282. LloydsPharmacy offers the flu vaccine in 52 of its 91 stores nationwide, so that you can avoid getting the flu and stay well this winter.

What should you know about the flu vaccination? 
Each year the seasonal flu vaccine contains three common influenza virus strains. The flu virus changes each year and therefore a new flu vaccine must be given each year. Seasonal flu vaccine helps a person’s immune system to produce antibodies to the flu virus.

Who should get the flu vaccination?

While everyone should consider getting the vaccinations, it’s especially important for specific at-risk groups, including those over 65, people with impaired immune systems, those with a BMI over 40, pregnant women, healthcare workers and carers, cancer patients and many more. For full list of at risk groups, visit https://www.lloydspharmacy.ie/eventpage/say-hello-to-a-flu-free-winter

How much does this service cost at LloydsPharmacy? 
If you are over 65 years, or an at-risk patient aged 18-64, who holds a Medical Card, Doctor Visit Card or has HAA eligibility, winter flu vaccination is FREE. If you are over 65, or one of the at-risk patients aged 18-64, and are not eligible for any of the above schemes, winter flu vaccination costs €15. For all other customers over 18 years outside of the categories above, winter flu vaccination costs €20. 

Visit your local LloydsPharmacy to make an appointment for your vaccination. 





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