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LloydsPharmacy Launch Change Your Health Direction


Are you ready to Change Your Health Direction?

Come in store now and register for our FREE 8-week programme in any of our stores, nationwide.

Receive FREE impartial advice in transforming your health, whether you want to lose weight or quit smoking.

Receive a FREE health diary when you sign up, as well as exclusive offers available only to registered members.

Good health means feeling good, looking good and having the energy you need for the lifestyle you want. The LloydsPharmacy ‘Change Your Health Direction’ programme is an opportunity for you and your family to get into better lifestyle habits, with the help of the experts in your local LloydsPharmacy.

We’ll give you a free copy of the ‘Change Your Health Direction Diary’, complied by LloydsPharmacy Nutritional Coach and Training manager, Nichola Flood. As well as lots of advice on how to buy and prepare foods that will help you feel better and lose weight, the diary also allows you to record your eating patterns over the course of the program. This will help you to identify the foods that work best for you.

But it all begins with a visit to LloydsPharmacy. Our experts will have a chat with you about what you want to achieve. We’ll measure various aspects of your health at the start and, over the course of 8 weeks, we’ll help you work toward your chosen health goals. For some people it’s all about weight loss, others want to give up smoking, to improve their skin, or lower their blood pressure. Anyone can change their health direction. Whatever health transformation you want to make this year, it starts with talking to us. Drop in to your local LloydsPharmacy today – we’re right here for you!

Find your local LloydsPharmacy here: http://bit.ly/LPStoreLocator