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What is triumph?

Triumph monthly cycle supplement has been specifically formulated for all women with a menstrual cycle. It is the most comprehensive and innovative supplement available to a woman in her menstrual cycle years.

Why do the formulations change?

Every woman who has a menstrual cycle has three main phases in her month.

•  Menstrual Phase 1

•  Pre-Ovulation Phase 2

•  Post-Ovulation Phase 3

Because each phase of the monthly cycle is different, a female requires changing levels and different forms of vitamins, minerals, botanicals and amino acids. Triumph monthly cycle supplement has three different formulations in one monthly programme. Each formulation has been designed to support the changing nutritional requirements of a woman throughout the month.

What is inside the box?

Triumph monthly cycle Supplement is a monthly programme containing 30 sachets and 30 tablets.

Days 1-5 = Pink Sachets / Tablets 1-5

Days 6-15 = Blue Sachets / Tablets 6-15

Days 16-30 = Yellow Sachets /Tablets 16-30

How do I take Triumph?

Start your programme on day one of your period by taking tablet No.1 and mixing one pink sachet with 150ml of water. You will be taking one sachet and one tablet every morning. The sachets are coloured coded and your tablets are numbered.

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