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Cellnutrition Quinton Isotonic is natural, mineral-rich sea water. It is cold-filtered and diluted with carefully chosen spring water so that it matches the concentration of elements within your blood and extracellular fluid, and maintains the optimum pH level for your body. It is the world’s only organic nutritional supplement proven to give your cells the full spectrum of minerals, trace elements and micronutrients they require in a naturally balanced and bioavailable form. It can help your body regain and maintain optimum health. The minerals contained in Cellnutrition Quinton Isotonic have been demonstrated to have anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and calming effects. Taking oral Cellnutrition Quinton Isotonic can assist with the gentle restoration of key minerals and trace elements in your body. It is suitable for all ages, recommended during pregnancy and is ideal for long term use as part of a daily health routine.
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