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A well-stocked first-aid kit, kept within easy reach, is a necessity in every home, workplace and motor vehicle. It can help you respond effectively to common injuries and emergencies as and when they happen. Having first aid supplies gathered ahead of time will help you handle an emergency at a moment’s notice. Store your kits in easy-to-retrieve locations that are out of the reach of young children.

• (20) Adhesive Plastic Plasters 19mm x 72mm
• (2) Medium Wound Dressing 120mm x120mm
• (4) Large Wound Dressing 180mm x 180mm
• (10) Sterile Saline Solution 20ml
• (2) Crepe Bandage 75mm x 4.5m
• (2) No.16 Sterile Eye Pad Dressing
• (1) CPR Face Shield
• (4) Triangular Bandage 96 x 96 x 127mm
• (6) Pairs Of Disposable Gloves
• (20) Alcohol Cleansing Pads
• (2) Ambulance Dressing No.3
• (1) Paramedic Shears
• (6) Assorted Safety Pins
• (1) Burn Dressing 50mm x 50mm
• (1) Burn Dressing 100mm x 100mm
• (1) Emergency Blanket 1.6m x 2.1m
• (1) First Aid Guide

1-10 persons
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