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LloydsPharmacy Launch 24 Hour Blood Pressure Monitoring Service

New Launch

• High blood pressure occurs when your blood pushes too hard against your blood vessels.
• It affects people of a wide range of ages, and you may not show any symptoms.
• High blood pressure may often be inherited, however, lifestyle factors such as: smoking, obesity, & stress can also be causes

Would I benefit from 24-hr Monitoring?
24 hour blood pressure monitoring might be useful to you if:
• You or your doctor are looking to determine if you have high blood pressure
• You have been previously diagnosed with high blood pressure
• You are taking medicines to lower your blood pressure already.

Other groups that may benefit are those who have difficulty managing their blood pressure or those with other conditions relating to the heart e.g. high cholesterol.

What does it involve?
A cuff that is attached to a small blood pressure monitor will be placed around your upper arm, which will take readings at certain times throughout a 24-hour period. You must stop what you are doing when the machine takes a reading, but otherwise it is perfectly fine to carry on your daily activities as normal and the monitor remains on when you are asleep.

The machine is then returned to the pharmacy for a report to be generated and then ideally assessed by your GP to decide upon the best course of action for you.

What next?
Speak with your Lloyds Pharmacist should you have an interest in this service. They will be able to answer any questions you may have and give you the best advice.


Currently available in the following LloydsPharmacy’s:
• Knocklyon
• Artaine Castle
• Letterkenny
• Togher
• Castleknock
• Ringsend