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Social Responsibilities


Green Policy

Our Approach

We will constantly re assess whether our green policy and corporate social responsibility activities are responding adequately to the demands and expectations of society.

Green Policy


The objective of this document is to outline the green policy of LloydsPharmacy. LloydsPharmacy recognises that our work may have a direct or indirect effect on the local environment. We are committed to reducing any harmful effects on the environment and promoting the understanding of sustainability in its broadest context.

This is a live document that will be updated as further initiatives and practices are put in place. LloydsPharmacy aims to ensure that we maintain a strong focus on our green policy on an ongoing basis.

About us

Action Points

The LloydsPharmacy green policy covers the following topics:

  1. Natural and organic ethically sourced products
  2. Recycling in the pharmacy
  3. Recyclable bags
  4. Medicine disposal
  5. Efficient use of energy
  6. WEEE
  7. Airtricity
  8. Future plans
  9. Charity focus

Green Policy

1. Natural and Organic ethically sourced products

We are committed to providing our customers with a range of natural and organic as well as ethically sourced products in order to promote sustainability and offer a wider choice to customers. In 2009 we launched a full natural skincare category in our stores which includes the following products:


Designed around the trilogy of simplicity, purity and vitality, Trilogy is New Zealand’s no. 1 natural skin and hair care range. Recognised for its commitment to environmental and ethical responsibility, this high-performance, fuss free, versatile and accessibly priced range combines the purest Certified Organic Rosehip Oil with powerful natural ingredients for ‘maximum effect on your skin and minimum effect on our environment ’.Trilogy Rosehip Oil is certified by BioGro accredited by IFOM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements).

2. Recycling in our Pharmacies

In Dublin, our pharmacies use OZO Waste Management for all waste. This is dumped as mixed waste and sorted from recyclables by OZO. At the OZO facility, all waste is sorted and segregated before being recycled into new products. OZO Waste Management work by their environmental policy statement which ensures their operations are managed in an environmentally friendly way. (source: www.ozo.ie/standards_compliances “Environmental Policy Statement”)

Outside Dublin, our waste management procedure is governed by the relevant Shopping Centre Management if the store is located in a centre or by the local waste management company otherwise. 

3. Recyclable Bags:

At LloydsPharmacy we use recyclable bags only. This includes all of our customer bags, both front of shop and dispensary. In addition to this we are working to reduce the amount of bags consumed by ensuring our colleagues encourage all customers not to use or take a bag if not necessary.

4. Medicine Disposal:

We offer our customers a service to bring back their old or out of date medicines so that we can dispose of these safely. We also safely and appropriately dispose of Sharps for our patients.

5. Efficient use of Energy:

All colleagues within our 74 pharmacies as well is in our Support Office in Cherrywood, Co Dublin are encouraged to ensure that energy is used as efficiently as possible. Computer monitors are switched off at night as well as any office equipment and all lights are switched off. In our pharmacies, this efficient use of energy is monitored and rewarded via our Steering Wheel measurement tool.


LloydsPharmacy participates in the WEEE Directive (waste electrical and electronic equipment). WEEE Ireland organises for the treatment and disposal of such items. The contribution to the Producer Recycling fund details is included on all of our receipts and we fulfill our take back obligation in all stores.

7. Airtricity

As a company, our energy is supplied by Airtricity. Airtricity is Ireland’s number 1 supplier and generator of green energy and has 32 operational wind farms throughout Europe, with a further 13 under construction. By harnessing the power of Ireland’s greatest natural resources, Airtricity ensures 100% of the electricity they generate in Ireland is from renewable sources.

(source: www.airtricity.com/about us)

8. Future Plans

Carbon Neutral
We are currently researching our next steps for working towards reducing our carbon footprint by working with carbon management companies.

9. Charity Focus

Our charity partner of the year for 2019 is The Irish Heart Foundation.
The Irish Heart Foundation is a national charity dedicated to all matters relating to heart disease and stroke in Ireland.
Their mission is to affect positive change in the lifestyles of Irish people, to achieve better outcomes for those affected by heart disease and stroke and to challenge when the health of our nation is put at risk.

To learn more about The Irish Heart Foundation visit their website www.irishheart.ie

10. Code of Conduct

Click the link below to download our Code of Conduct pdf
Code of Conduct